Sunday, January 29, 2012

January CQ: Emma

I'm not really finished with this block but here's where I am. I would appreciate your thoughts!

Here's the overall picture. The large space in the upper left will have something there but not sure if it will be a photo. I'll be revisiting all along I'm sure and embellishing over the next few months.

Detail of the 2nd photo. More work to do here

I used the Cretan stitch for the leaves in the flower


  1. Your block gets better and better.
    There is one thing that strikes me. There is not much color in the lower right corner in comparison to the rest of the block.
    I like the red flower on top of the left photo. It adds depth. May be you could do something similar with the right photo?

  2. Thank you! I agree the lower right hand corner needs color. I have some nice fabric I can cut flowers from and applique on that side. I have more work to do over all on this block but it's getting there!

  3. I like how the white is moving around the block. Also really like the little flowers in the last photo. Did you embroider them? How?


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