Wednesday, February 24, 2010

1930's Quilt


A gentleman wanted to show me this quilt. A woman in Virginia found it and sent to to a small church in the Vinings area. It was made by her mother and her quilting friends around 1933 - the date is stitched into the quilt top, thank goodness. The name of each quilter is stitched onto the block she made, so it's almost a roll call of who attended the church at that time.

The quilt was sent to the church and lay unnoticed for some years until a member found it and had it framed. It now hangs in a prominent position and will be dedicated soon.

I was pleased that the gentleman wanted to show me the quilt. I recognized a name or two because they, or their daughter, was one of my elementary school teachers.

The church has quite a history, too, and an unusually high number of prominent members from the local community. It was a pleasant hour I spent listening to the history of this small church. I have driven by there for years and always wondered about it's history. I was pleased to learn I had a very slight connection to it.
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  1. Very pretty quilt and I am glad it now has a place where it can be showcased properly.

  2. This is beautiful and it is so special that the names are included. I'm glad it was preserved and is being appreciated.


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