Monday, February 1, 2010

Salley Mavor

Salley Mavor's work is amazing. Take a look at her blog.

My Life Under The Bus (Patricia?) hosted a Felt Smackdown - a challenge using Salley Mavor as inspiration. Can I resist a challenge? Apparently not. Here is my little entry:

I really just wanted an excuse to work with wool and to buy Salley's book but it wasn't at the bookstore so I'll have to do Amazon. I hate paying shipping.

This was a piece she used for a little pouch but I'll just frame him and hang him up at work. I love working with wool and embroidery.

If you haven't seen Salley Mavor's work, you should take a look. It is truly wonderful. I am so grateful to artists like her, who work for years perfecting a technique, then so generously share with people like me who haven't the talent or patience. Thank you Salley.

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  1. He's really cute and a reminder that spring is on the way-one of these days!


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