Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snowed In Down South

Glad I have that box of fabric from Debra.

Not going very far afield today

The view from my front yard.

My brother's house in Woodstock, a little north of us.

Last night I tried to capture the beauty of the snow in the dark. It was absolutely breathtaking, especially since we don't see snow like this very often here in the South. The snow fell continuously for hours, starting about 1 pm in the afternoon. So we all got to watch everything turn white.

It's aggravating since we're not equipped to deal with it and either brave the icy roads or sit at home feeling guilty about not slipping and sliding to whatever place we think can't make it without us for one day.

But it's worth it.

Do people up North, where this kind of weather hardly gets noticed, get this excited in August over the humidity? Do they go out and take pictures of people sweating?


  1. Those are great pictures--very eery!

    Now I know why you said you were sewing all weekend.

  2. "Do people up North ... get this excited in August over the humidity?"

    Oh, no, we do not. Mostly we swear and wish for October. Your pictures are beautiful, but you're right, from up here in the (mostly snow free!) north, that's nothing. You can still see the grass!

  3. Snow is so rare here- and much more beautiful than humidity and sweat!

  4. I feel ya....we've been covered up in snow, too. The kids just went back to school after 3 days. When they are out, I have them all instead of just 2....I am currently on my way to being bald!


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