Wednesday, May 2, 2012

TAST and CQJP catch-up

This is Aunt Gladys's block.
It was at her house that the sisters met on Wednesdays to quilt. I started attending these meetings after my first daughter was born until I went back to work full time.
I love this picture of Gladys. I think she was about 16 years old. Just love the little plaid dress & scarf.

I added some pink to the blue flower on the linen. The trim is from one of the old linens. It's a commercially made lace but it's probably from the 1950s.  The embroidered flower is another one of Debra's contributions. I did a French knot on each point to straighten out the trim to its full effect. Then I did a fly stitch in between. Some of those buttons I got at an antique shop in Savannah last week. 

A little more detail. I love the way those tiny white beads look on the seam treatment. Wonder what I should do on the other side? 

Here's something interesting I spotted in Savannah. This window had a crocheted circular window treatment.  Pretty neat.

If you'd like to peruse the photos from our trip, you can find them here.

I can back to quite a but of turmoil but things have settled down a bit, and I refused to let it ruin my time off although I'm having an especially hard time getting back into the groove. Only two more days to go, however. 

Added: Here is a shot of the cute things I found at the antique shop in Savannah. All of this was about $10.00.  There are some really interesting old buttons in there.


  1. Interesting window! Love the look of that whole block. The lace and buttons around the picture are great.

  2. Your block is coming along beautifully. Savannah is such a beautiful city. I was only there once but was so impressed. Unfortunately I was there for work and one of my companions did what she could to make it miserable by just being in a horrible mood the entire time. Maybe someday I can visit with better company. I hope your turmoil settles soon.

  3. Looking pretty! Are you in a pink mood?


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