Friday, November 27, 2009

Not Worthy?

A few weeks ago, my daughter and I signed up for and began attending classes in various Jewish subjects - spirituality, history, Torah - for the purpose of becoming more informed and more knowledgeable. Wednesday we were told it was "not appropriate" for us to continue attending these classes since our conversion had been with a Reform rabbi. We could continue if we were interested in going through an Orthodox conversion - something that, at this point in my life is not possible. The upheaval would land me in the poorhouse. I knew the Orthodox did not accept Reform conversions. I did not know that extended to sitting in a classroom for the purpose of learning more about Judaism and studying Torah.

We's been attending for about six weeks. Our name is a dead giveaway that something is going on - it's not one that you would typically associate as being Jewish. But neither are Gordon, Stewart, Smith, Grant - any number of "typical goyim" surnames -- and I know "real" Jews with those names. But the question was never raised (for all they knew, I was married to a non-Jew but a "real" Jew myself). My daughter, however, was questioned about 2 weeks ago and of course, she was honest about our conversion. I guess that's what initiated this expulsion.

Talk about wandering in the desert.

I liken it to how some people might freak out upon discovering someone they've liked for a long time is gay. When they didn't know, it didn't matter.

It's not the first time a door has been slammed in my face and probably won't be the last. I respect their beliefs, and if this is the way it is, so be it. It's kind of hurtful that we sat there for all this time believing we were welcome, only to be politely shown the door.

It's been hard in recent years for us to find a congregation we felt comfortable in for many reasons. So I guess it's back to wandering until we get to the Promised Land!

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving - we did! Too much food, including banana pudding and faux Tiramisu!

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