Saturday, November 21, 2009

Fabulousness Found on the Internet While Unable to Sleep

Morna Crites-Moore's recycled sweater art. How wonderful is this! (via Art for Housewives.

Here's another place to waste time spend productive inspiration-gathering hours looking a wonderful images and photographs(again from Art for Housewives.) What if you spent a day with your camera just recording images you see that somehow resonate with you, that set off a spark inside? I love the patched aprons and the old photographs.

Lamenting the demise of Home Ec. Did you take Home Ec in high school? I did. Every girl did (before it became politically incorrect to do so). That's where I learned to sew. Although my mother and all my aunts could sew, it was a very prissy, but wonderful, home ec teacher who taught me how to put in a zipper and also the phrase, "It'll all come out in the wash" - referring to the sash on my apron. But i took her literally. What'll come out in the wash? I believe my response was "Huh?"

Nobody mends any more. We just go buy something new. When was the last time you had a pair of shoes resoled? Darned a sock? resewed a button? Thus the proliferation and success of the thrift store! And for those of us who love a bargain and get excited over a $2.00 sweater, keep it coming. (i have a blazer I've worn for about 5 years that i bought at a thrift store for $3.00).

A few months ago I made a shower curtain and matching window curtains out of a discarded sheet set my SIL gave me. Also in the pile were dozens of old mismatched pillow cases which I see as place mats and maybe napkins. They won't match but isn't that chic these days? Thrifting is chic! I ripped one seam in a flannel moose-print pillow case and made a pad for the dog's crate with it - that and a $3.00 fleece blanket from Ikea.

And how about this fabulous felted scarf - I feel a trip to the thrift store coming on.

Not to mention my favorite, this totally charming stuffed Scottie!

Great thrifting/crafting/sewing ideas. Lots to keep us insomniacs occupied in the wee hours.


  1. Thanks for the great links! Thrifting is great fun. Just the other day we were talking about the fifty cent cashmere jacket that was worn for years.

  2. Love those little square pieces! Unfortunately, not many wool sweaters around here in the thrift stores--mainly acrylic; so all these fun ideas have to be for someone else.


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