Friday, April 3, 2009

Thrifting Sweater Yarn

Here is a great tutorial for harvesting yarn from thrift store sweaters: how to choose a garment, how to unwind the yarn, judging the gauge, washing, winding, just about everything you need to know. I'm often tempted by some of the sweaters I see at thrift stores but after trying unsucessfully to unwind the yarn in a couple, I gave it up. I don't knit enough, I thought, for this to be useful. However, you see that beautiful yarn hanging there and think how much you like to knit in the evenings, and how much you like scarves, and how self-righteous you feel when you thrift something....and the temptation overcomes you. I'm glad to have something to show me how to make my thrifting worthwhile.

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  1. I tried that once and decided that I am not cut out to thrift yarn from old sweaters. Now, fabric from old clothes. . .I am all over that idea! Actually, yesterday I bought quite a few very nice slik blouses and linen skirts for upcoming CQ projects.


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