Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Oh What a Night

I don't usually work Mondays (and this is my last month to work evenings/weekend! YAY!) but swapped so that I could be off on my regularly scheduled evening. To make a very long, tortuous story short, we had to deal with a very agitated, mentally ill individual who, by the time it was all over, was either going to sue me or report me to the highest person in the county he could find. All because he interpreted my questions as refusing to give him information. By the time it was over, I was ready to go over the desk and throttle him but one must not give in to impulses in these things.

But, I would rather talk about this: making lanyards and keychains out of scraps of fabric! This is why we save every inch, isn't it? You just never know when some creative, bright person is going to come up with a way to use them.

I can't wait to make myself one of these lanyards, since I have to wear an ID badge, keep a couple of keys and a flash drive handy at all times. Right now I'm using the one I bought at the Houston quilt show, but this would be so much more fun. Maybe even embellish with some beads? I love it when I stumble on another quilter's extremely creative ideas that they are willing to share. And aren't we the most generous bunch of artists around?

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