Saturday, June 9, 2012

Daily Detail: Slightly Late

Here I added a feather stitch stem, cretan stitch leaves and a few French knots. 

I've had issues with this space. I finally decided on this stem stitch vine with lazy daisy flowers (pay no attention to those French knots in the corner) which I found in Carol Samples book.

I hoped these daily posts would keep me motivated and on track. It's worked fairly well, although I've missed a couple of days.

Saturday is my day to do some garment sewing. With both girls at work, DH asleep, and the dogs at the groomer's, I had a quiet and productive day to sew, take a few breaks to check the Internet (you never know), and was able to go back and watch Season Two of "Walking Dead". In spite of the gore (which doesn't bother me since it's only make believe), it's (to me) such a good series. I can't wait for Season Three.

Of course I'm hopelessly addicted to zombie movies. I watched two last week, Rammbock: Berlin Undead and They Came Back (Les Revenants). I'd give them both about a "7" on the Zombie meter. "Berlin Undead" was pretty typical -- something (a virus probably) has turned mankind into flesh, moth foaming zombies, folks are trapped, try to get away -- and reminded me of the book I Am Legend it that it was very claustrophobic, all taking place in the confines of an apartment building for the most part.  (I Am Legend would be  a great movie if it followed the book more closely.) "They Came Back" was unusual in that the zombies were peaceful folks, inexplicably rising from their graves (13,000 in this one small town) to find their loved ones. The French did not get excited, they just formed a committee to decide what to do. Funniest line: "they are in excellent health". LOL.

I think tonight I will add more beads and embellishments to Block 5 and then get started on Block 7 tomorrow. I still reserve the right to return to previous blocks and enhance them! It's already June, can you believe it!

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