Sunday, June 3, 2012

Daily Detail - May CQJP

It's coming along....

This is the weekly TAST stitch, knotted cretan although I only knotted half of it. :-) I couched a piece of blue/green ribbon, combined it with a detatched chain & added tiny buttons. It creates some nice texture.

The block is coming along, but I am a slow stitcher. Now I'm already into June and should be working on block number 6. 

Speaking of which, block 6 will take care of all my aunts who were part of the Wednesday quilting group. Then I get started on the middle part of the quilt, which I have some ideas about, and let's just say they are ambitious. It'll take a lot of discipline to follow through on that plan.

A lot of this was stitched while watching The Walking Dead. Anybody a fan? I thought the final episode of Season 2 was fantastic. I can't wait until October!

I'm happy to see that my little AAQI quilt (number 9587) is up to $90 and there are still several days to go. BID, BID, BID!

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