Monday, May 4, 2009


Here's the QOV I have just about completed. I think it needs a border, and I need to tweak a couple of blocks, but overall I'm pleased. It's very scrappy but that's what these quilts are pretty much about.

The star blocks in the corners, and the embroidered Lady Liberty in the center were donated by Debra, as was much of the fabric.

It's really been fun and an interesting challenge to make quilts using only donated or stash fabric. I did buy fabric for the Lone Star but it just evolved into that kind of quilt. I was luck to find more of the same fabric that had been donated.

My stash has really been reduced but it was great to find a use for all that old fabric I'd been hanging on to for years.

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As much as I've enjoyed this, I'm going to take a quilting hiatus for awhile and do some garment sewing.

My SIL is such a generous person, and all I can do for her he make her some clothes. Also, I love to make clothes!

I'll be sending this to Deb later this week. Thanks for all you do, Deb! You inspire us!


  1. I recognize that light house fabric and a couple of the others...I'm so glad it has gone to such good use. Great stars! I love stars...

  2. Your QOV turned out pretty good for being a bit of this and a bit of that. A good portion of those fabrics originally did come from Debby McC and those corner blocks were from another group project. But, now they all have a wonderful new home!


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