Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Georgia Quilt Show

The Georgia Quilt Show - photos were taken with my phone because I forgot to take my camera, then my phone started dying on me.  I thought the quality and diversity were very good this year.  There were lots of beautiful applique, some traditionally pieced quilts, and yet a number of modern quilts. Something for everyone - not a huge number but the quality was quite good,I thought.

Lots of detail in this quilt.

This quilt was heavily embellished.

I loved this whimsical applique.

I'm sorry that I do not have the quilters' names and titles of the pieces. This quilt was particularly amazing for all the detail and tiny applique pieces.


  1. You and I have similar taste in quilts! I've seen the Busy Bee quilt at Houston; maybe last year. Her workmanship is exquisite.

  2. I thought about you because there were a number of modern, rather avant-garde quilts this year. It was one of the better shows - my experience with this has been kind of disappointing in years past.


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