Saturday, July 7, 2012

CQJP - June and an Overview

Here's a view of the completed block and my July block, which I've just begun stitching. 

Looking at the photos, I wish I'd thought of  arranging them so that they form a big circle around the quilt. Just didn't occur to me. I noticed this when I put the bottom middle block next to the bottom right one. That would have really made the eye travel around the quilt. Next time!

The middle block will consist of the photo I have up and I am thinking I'd like a lot of flowers - appliqued, embroidered, ribbon, fabric - something of that nature, surrounding the photograph. 

I also need to soften the angles of the linen pieces in the middle, perhaps some of the florals overlapping those would help.

Your comments are welcome!


  1. Maybe you could have a ribbon going around the quilt linking all the photos together. Although I can certainly see the pictures and follow around the quilt without a prompt.

    Looks pretty!

    1. That would be a nice touch - connecting all the aunts! :-)


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