Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Good News about Alzheimer's Disase

I opened my email this afternoon to find two uplifting messages concerning Alzheimer's Disease.

First, a project my brother was involved in won the National Utility Contractors Association’s annual Community Service Award.. His company renovated the home of a family whose elderly, wheelchair bound mother suffered from Alzheimer's disease. From the press release;

The Team, employing the expertise of the contractor, Western Summit Constructors Inc., installed an access ramp and sidewalk that ran from the back deck to the front driveway so that the wheelchair could access with ease. Other improvements included:

· Removal of a large dead pine leaning toward the home;

· Preparation, formation and pouring of nine yards of concrete for a new sidewalk and curb along the rear of the house and around the corner of the home to provide wheelchair accessibility;

· Scraping, repair, caulking and painting of all exterior soffit;

· Construction of new treated-wood handicap ramp to back deck;

· Replacement of missing vinyl siding;

· Replacement of gutters and downspouts;

· Replace exterior wood coping.

· Replacement of fencing and installation of a new gate;

· Removal of yard overgrowth; and seeding;

· Provision of mulch, pine straw and hay for erosion control;

Besides CMG staff, the Team included volunteers from Western Summit, Llamas Coatings, Tip Top Roofers, Player & Company and Lafarge Concrete.

Good for them. If you've ever had a family member who suffered from this disease, as our own mother did, you can sympathize. How wonderful they were able to make such a difference in their lives.

The second piece of good news is even better for all of us who fear this condition: The Independent reports that "a surprise discovery has allowed doctors to block Alzheimer's". Read the article! Scientists are calling this

"significant step forward in the battle to develop drugs to treat Alzheimer's disease"

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