Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Works In Progress - AAQI

I've got several things in the works for February's AAQIs:
I thought about several quilts similar to this one: "Coffee" , "Tea", "Cocoa" maybe? I loved the bright colors - I think it needs a little more embroidery.
 (The turquoise fabric is some that I dyed awhile back. What a mess. Not sure hand dying is my thing.)

This beautiful embroidery was sent to me by the fabulous Debra Spincic. I think this will be a smallish quilt. Maybe a narrow border after the checkerboard.

Another experiment with reverse applique - stacking several pieces of fabric, randomly stitching and cutting away one or two layers to reveal the fabric beneath. I cut 4" squares and stacked them, then cut them into 2" squares, then zigzagged them together. I'm trying to decide what to do next.

I have a box full of dresser scarves like this. Anyone have any ideas how to make them into quilts? I am okay with cutting them up - I do not use dresser scarves and they aren't doing anyone any good in a box in a closet. These were made by my grandmother, mother & her sisters. It would be great to use them for AAQI quilts to combat the disease that took my grandmother, mother, and three of her siblings' lives. 

Also, as you can see , I have some nice vintage lace (I think it's vintage- not sure where it came from) that I could use on these).

I welcome your comments & suggestions!


  1. I've been toying with the vintage dresser scarf idea too. I bought an assortment on eBay and there are some dog and cat embroideries that someone might like. I saw one of the other bloggers on the AAQI bloglist who just cut and hemmed some to the right size. They were very cute (and sold).

    I certainly like the direction you are going with your experiments. The hummingbird looks great with the border. Don't feel obligated to use the Welcome flowers as is if you want to cut them apart or just do whatever you want. I'm just happy any of the embroidery will be used.

  2. Very cute, Deborah! Diane Petersmarck is the AAQI quilter who uses dresser scarves and other vintage materials. She blogs at "Diane Did It" and is the AAQI volunteer that we mail all of our quilts to.


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