Sunday, November 28, 2010

Winter's Bone

Not quilting related but here's a wonderful movie you need to see.

Winter's Bone, based on the book by Daniel Woodrell, is a remarkable independent film. Ree tries to find her father who has put the family home up for his bail, then disappears. Ree is an incredible, strong young woman who has assumed tremendous responsibilities. Apparently she has dropped out of school in order to take care of the younger siblings due to the absence of her father and her mother's mental illness. She is determined and relentless, in spite of encountering dangerous and frightening characters who would not hesitate to kill a young girl such as she.

This is not a feel good movie, but the character of Ree is worth knowing and worth sitting through the the very grimm reality you will find in this film. And the young actor who plays Ree,Jennifer Lawrence, is so true, geniune, and honest, she is a wonder to watch.

Ree will go down in cinematic history as a darker Mattie Rosscharacter - and Ree does not have the benefit of a Rooster Cogburn on her journey.

See this movie.

(And by the way, I can't WAIT for the new Coen Brothers version of True Grit. I read the book as a teenager, saw the John Wayne/Glen Campbell film. Also I recently listened to the audiobook read by Donna Tartt. I will be first in line on December 22.)

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  1. We've seen it. As you mention, it isn't a feel good movie, but it is a fascinating look at an isolated culture. Jennifer Lawrence was great.


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