Sunday, April 11, 2010

Clues Three and Four

Clue Three: quilt.

I used some variegated thread and a monofilament which I don't think really shows up in this photo. But it turned out very nice.

Here's a close up:

Clue # 4: cut into at least six pieces and rearrange in a non rectangular shape. Okay.

I wanted to keep the ragged ends of the strips and incorporate into the finished quilt somehow but that didn't work out for this project. I decided to just zig zag the edges.

Oh and I used a piece of a fleece blanket from Ikea for batting. I've been doing that a lot lately. I like the feel of the blanket and it quilts very easily even by hand. They cost a whopping $3.00 (about) and come in red, white, and black. AT least they did the last time I was there. It's perfect for this type of project where I don't want to waste batting.

Stay tuned for the big finale.
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  1. Loving your DTRH piece!!! I am a user of blankets for batting, too, and I even cheat and use sheets for backing, though I have read you shouldn't. If you can say "cheap" then you know why I do it. LOL! Looking forward to your next step!


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